Types Of Cats

In the world of cats there is many different types of breed and each with there own personality and traits.  See the list below for the different types of cats and see what might be the best for you.

  • Abyssinian
  • American Bobtail
  • American Curl
  • American Shorthair and American Wirehair
  • Balinese and Bengal
  • Birman and Bombay
  • British Shorthair and Burmese
  • Chartreux and Cornish Rex
  • Cymric and Devon Rex
  • Egyptian Mau and Exotic Shorthair

There are other species and to learn more about any particular species.

Most cats are put in 1 of 4 catagories.  They will go by the length of their hair and it is broken down like this.  Long hair , Semi Long hair, short hair and hairless cat.   There is 1 category the falls into a different place and that is the Cornish rex.  The hair of the Cornish rex is neither long or short hair.  It falls into the unknown area and hence that is why it is set up by itself.

History of Cat

The history of the domestic cat gets it’s origins from the Egyptians time as far back as 4000 BC.   The Egyptians held the cat at a very sacred level and even has statues made of Gold of the creature. They were so scared that if anyone killed a cat an immediate death penalty was swiftyly enforced.

Today’s CATS

We’ve come a long ways since then with cats.  Today if a cat is killed no death penalty will be enforced but depending on the person and witnesses a fine or small jail time could be enforced.  Cats are more plentiful than the dog population and can be easier to take care of for the city people.  Cats’s can be left alone and will find there way back home when they see fit.  We used to have a big old black Tom cat back in the day.  At night we would let him out an in the morning we would climb up a tree that kctreecareservice.com just trimmed.